Shoumitro Ghosh
4B Temple Trees Row
Vviveknagar P.O.
Bangalore 560047


The history of modern architecture in India prominently includes the CEPT campus buildings designed by world renowned Indian architect B.V. Doshi. Any expansion/modification should be entrusted to/guided in principle with the involvement of B.V. Doshi. These buildings are world modern architectural heritage and cannot and should not be tampered with insensitively. Their value is no less than heritage buildings that are 100 years old or more. These are some of the most significant buildings of their era and predecessors of the diasporas of modern architecture that gained ground in India thereafter.

World over such buildings are valued and kept well and we should do the same. To save the modern architectural heritage that the CEPT buildings mark is the spirit that we need to have. Over and beyond any other pressing·matters and if expansion is necessary it has to be sensitive to the presence, body and value of such great architecture - ideally through an openIlimited architectural design competition. This architecture has shaped & influenced many generations of architects whose work is valued world over now- we should not erase/mutilate any of the architecture which marks such a definitive moment of our modern architectural heritage.

I hope and trust this will be kept in mind while decisions for the future development of the campus are taken for the future plans by the body of persons in charge of taking on the responsibly of ably forming the vision of CEPT for the coming decades.


Soumitro Ghosh