Recognise and Respect Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad - India
by B. V. Doshi
as Universal Cultural Heritage

October 20th 2017

The internationally renowned Center for Environmental Planning and Technology campus buildings at Ahmedabad, (with School of Architecture, Planning, Kanoria Art Center, and other buildings) designed by Dr. B V Doshi - represent a seminal new direction in 20th and 21st Century Architecture, and the emergence of Free democratic Nations, in the post-colonial era. The projects constitute Universal Cultural Heritage of international significance.

The Architects of Latin America, express their concern on the ad-hoc changes/modifications being undertaken both to the Masterplan and the buildings and ecology of the site.

We request the Ahmedabad Education Society and Center for Environmental Planning and Technology to protect the authenticity and integrity of CEPT Campus and the buildings, as designed by Dr. B V Doshi, who at ninety years of age, continues to be an inspiration for Architects in South America and Europe.

Doshi’s building and the campus, is of international and Universal cultural significance. The School of Architecture, founded by B V Doshi and his colleagues, is a historic institution, over the last five decades. It is an internationally recognized cultural landmark that should be honoured.

ICOMOS and DOCOMOMO have internationally accepted guidelines to conserve the campus, on lines similar to the projects of Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, Oscar Neimeyer, Charles Correa, Anant Raje, and other pioneering Modern Architects. We support these efforts.

Signatories from:


  • Bertolino Barrado arqs: Arq. Mónica Bertolino y Arq. Carlos Barrado.
  • Arquitecto Ricardo Sargiotti.
  • Arquitecto Daniel Ventura.


  • Arquitecto Marcos Acayaba.
  • Arquitecto Angelo Bucci.
  • Arquitecta Carla Juacaba.
  • Arquitecto Alvaro Puntoni.
  • Arquitecto Fernando Viegas.


  • Arquitecto Giancarlo Mazzanti.
  • Arquitecto Camilo Restrepo.


  • Arquitecto Sebastián Irarrazabal.
  • Arquitecto Rodrigo Perez de Arce.
  • Arquitecto Germán Valenzuela.


  • Arquitecto José María Saez.


  • Arquitecto Javier Muñoz.
  • Arquitecto Mauricio Rocha.


  • Arquitecto Javier Corvalán.
  • Arquitecto José Cubilla.
  • Gabinete de Arquitectura: Arq. Solano Benitez y Arquitecta Gloria Cabral.


  • Barclay and Crousse: Arq. Sandra Barclay y Arq. Jean Pierre Crousse.


  • Arquitecto Marcelo Gualano.