Yes, you heard it right, world class, that's the title which we are looking for. Now, let's hear our plan about how are we going to achieve that title. First of all, we will increase the fees for getting education at CEPT, it should not be available to everyone. Why? Just look at the world class universities around the world, they are for the elites. We want the same. 

Next, we will slowly take away the freedom of students to access campus in whatever ways they want by taking specific measures. Like we will decide how much sleep a student should get to perform well, we will also take a doctor's opinion on the same but not the students because they are still too young to decide for themselves. Okay, so to do that lets spread the word, the campus will remain open from 6am to 12am. 6 hours of sleep is ideal. After all, we will treat students as machines, as soon as the university closes, they will sleep, and when it opens, they will get back to work.

Next, why only students, let's have the same thing for the faculties also, we don't discriminate anyone based on their position. Now on faculties will have to put their thumbprint when they enter the campus and when they leave. After all, we are running a business, we need to keep a check on our employees.

Next, let's make the work environment too much competitive. Competition is one of the key driving force for any business. So, to compete with foreign universities, let's introduce competition within my university, yes, its mine. Vertical studios, good concept but why are students allowed to take whatever they want? It should not be like that. As I said, we don't discriminate, even faculties should be allowed to choose which student they want to study under them. We will present it in a way which makes it look like we have provided different choices to the student. So, let's advertise this system by calling it something interesting, what about calling it À la carte system? Sounds perfect to me, it's final. This is how we plan to make studios compete with each other, but it is still not enough. What more can we do? Currently, students only have juries as their submissions, if I'm not wrong. And maybe some submissions for elective, okay let us not discuss electives that I anyway plan to eradicate from the system, first by decreasing the number of options, then by controlling GPA Non-GPA of the course and then we will start charging fees if anyone wants to take any electives. Hopefully, the day will come when anyone is no more interested in taking electives. Okay, let's get back to what we were discussing, they have only juries, right? Let's introduce portfolio and make it a serious submission by assigning grades to it. 15%? No no, I think 30% will make it serious, and that too will be in the hands of faculties that we get to decide not the studio faculties. So, for 70%, students will be graded on their juries for which they work for the entire semester and for 30% they will be graded on their portfolios by our pre decided jurors. Does anyone have any objections to this? No? That's good. I don't like people who have objections to my decisions. 

Again, I think it's not fair that we have grading for the students only, let's make it for the studios also. Now onwards we will have reviewers for the studio as a whole, and studio faculties will be asked to represent their studios in front of the reviewers at the end of the semester after the students' exhibition gets over. Wait, I didn't tell you guys about the exhibition, right? Okay, let me quickly tell you about it, so it is called students' exhibitions, but of course, the students won't have any say in how it will get conducted, they are too young. We will allot each studio with a space on campus for exhibition and budget for their studios, and they can do it whatever they want with that space and budget. If they're going to put nails on the brick walls of the campus, they are allowed, nobody will stop them. I just expect one thing from them that is to make the exhibition look world class. So, how the budget gets utilised is none of my concern, faculties can decide what to spend on calling jurors and what to spend on the exhibition which they will be presenting in front of the reviewers at the end of it. So, basically, we have created a situation where after the juries get over, students will want to have more focus on their portfolios and faculties would like students to have more emphasis on designing panels for the exhibition. But, that's their matter of concern we won't interfere in that. In fact, I don't care about the student-faculty relationship at all. And yes one thing I forgot to mention, before opening the exhibition for everyone, we will have the work of those students removed who have failed the overall studio. I would not like the small number of people that actually comes to see our exhibition and from them only a tiny amount of people who are genuinely interested in the display to see the work of failed students. So, it's better we remove their work. One should feel privileged to be able to put their work up for the exhibition. And yes, repeating the same presentation for at least three times will make our students better, after all, practice makes a man perfect. 

~ * ~

Do you all think this system will be able to create enough competition between individuals in the university? I still doubt. Why don't we have something like honours exhibition in which 28 best works of the university will be exhibited in the library for about a month? Okay, I like this idea, let's do it. You all might we wondering why 28? Because the library's exhibition space can take that much only. Panels for that 28 works will be entirely designed by our exhibition team, students just have to submit their work. And yes not to say that the selection will be made based on the aesthetics of the work and not the concept behind it. Also, we will select 3 best from the 28 works to be awarded the prize money on 1 lakh. I think this will create enough competition among students, so let's keep it this much only, and if needed we can keep adding layers of the tournament on it, who is stopping us? 

This we talked only about the academics, and it is possible that I might be forgetting to mention a few things. Now let us talk about the campus or the campus life as the students call it. First of all, world class universities should not be known for their cultural festivals or any other non-academic activities. So, restrict all of it to weekends only. I wish I could not allow it on weekends also but as of now let's allow them to do non-academic activities on weekends. Even the canteen guy keeps canteen close on Sunday after 6pm, and for lunch, he serves half lunch only. This will also help restrict student activities on weekends and make them healthy as fasting once a week is good for health. 

For the construction work that takes place on the campus, we will only conduct informing lectures about that. No ones advise, or criticism will be taken into consideration. Things will go just as I want it to go and I don't believe in participation at all, we only consult people that's all.

Thank You. 
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