1. The identity of the architect to be recognised as being distinct and not to be confused with allied professions such as engineering and other technical disciplines.
  2. An increased social awareness necessary for the practice of architecture in our developing world becomes a precondition to the delineation of roles and definition of norms for the architectural profession.
  3. The Council of Architecture to take up the task of clarifying the autonomy of the architectural profession and to delink itself from AICTE.
  4. The Architects Act of 1972 to form the basis for developing rules for conduct of the profession and for architectural education.
  5. The present requirement of affiliation of architecture schools to universities be reexamined in the light of the necessary autonomy of the architectural profession.
  6. Studio based learning practices be recognised as the essence of architectural education, and an examination system appropriate to such practices be put into place as early as possible. The core of such practices being the concept of peer group evaluation.
  7. A special effort has to be made to train teachers of architecture .this is an urgent necessity considering that over 100 architecture schools are in operation in India and most of these schools function with hardly any teachers.
  8. There is an urgent need to produce appropriate teaching material, which would be of relevance to the regional schools of architecture. Such material to include software specially developed for global connectivity through the internet.
  9. A small working groups to be established immediately to go into the issues and make proposals for the autonomy of architectural profession, evolve standards of evaluation specific to architectural education, propose guidelines for training of teachers of architecture as well as the production of appropriate teaching material, and to suggest ways of raising finance for these activities. State Governments, Central Governments, International Institutions as well as private sector institutions to be included in these efforts.