Priority announced for DMP2021 and NCMP-DMP convergence make enforcement of DMP solutions worthy case for evolving NCMP strategies and reversal of DMP subversions being examined by a Parliamentary Committee after the DDA scam worthy case for redeeming NCMP pledge of corruption-free accountable government.

Convergence opportunities and imperatives

  • NCMP-DMP note on NCMP-DMP convergence opportunities1 on various Plan issues and DMP 2021 priority imperatives for Plan revision processes (30 May 2004)
  • Letter to the Prime Mminister about convergence with DMP goals of NCMP goals as elaborated in his address to the nation (25 June 2004)2
  • Letter to the Prime Minister about absence of mechanism to report NCMP violations with reference to imminent forcible demolition (02 July 2004)


  • Builders' awards for DMP violations3 involving offices of President and union urban development minister and, as awardee, Delhi government and as co-awardee a senior planner associated with DMP and its revision, June 2004, 
    • ... and a reply to response from senior a planner (27 August 2004)4
  • 'Slum free Master Plan' Committee, June 2004
  • NGOs bypass DMP modification in ridge through court-committee, July 2004
  • Court-committee constituted for riverbed, August 2004
  • Industries imbroglio and DMP survival5, Inertial ideas for DMP ammendment "solution" for industries, September 2004

Links to previous posts

  • An entitlements perspective of the Master Plan and its revision6, DMP2021 Minder / Demystify, November 2002
  • DMP2021 Minder / About, February 2003: Minder premises and position7
  • Politics of (multiple-vision) planning8, September 2002
  • Entitlements at risk, DMP2021 Minder / Track, 2000-200391011
  • Citizens participation through Public Notice, DMP2021 Minder / Engage, April 200312
  • 'Guidelines' to substitute lawful DMP revision, DMP2021 Minder / Engage, August 200313
    (These "guidelines" have attracted adverse remarks by Supreme court in May 2004)
  • Statement against, and call for public debate14: Letter to Standing Parliamentary Committee, President and Chief Justice, with illustrative DMP violations abetted, January 2004 (forwarded to Secretary MoUD for appropriate action as per letter of 11.02.04 from President Secretariat)
  • 1. National Common Minimum Programme: next-step imperatives and opportunities - case of Delhi Master Plan
    The UPA cabinet has adopted the National Common Minimum Programme (NCMP) and decided to set up a National Advisory Council for its effective implementation. NCMP starts with saying people have voted for parties wedded to welfare of weaker sections and committed to well-being of the common man and ends with saying that though not a comprehensive agenda it is ‘foundation for … collective maximum performance’.
  • 2. Gratitude for references to planned development in your address to the nation
    ... "As a planner, I found in NCMP and in President’s address resonance on development concerns, but missed reference to need to rectify the paradigm shift, or drift, to abandonment of planned development. I am convinced this drift is what lies at the root of, especially, urban problems (mostly attributable to violations and implementation failures vis-à-vis statutory city plans) and unless it is stemmed, problem-solving attempts will remain sub-optimal, durable solutions elusive and ‘development’ greed-driven."
  • 3. Indian Building Congress Awards, June 2004
    A news item on (only) one announced in first week of June 2004) that President of India is to honour architects of three complexes that Indian Builders Congress selected out of all the buildings constructed in the country last year for its annual awards for excellence, instituted to encourage new talent and innovativeness among architects. Two of the three (Delhi Government Secretariat and Garden of Five Senses) involve illegalities in terms of planning law and the third raises at least questions about professional ethics.
  • 4. Reply to Prof Riberio's response
    In IBC Awards for Excellence in Built Environment – 2003
  • 5. Industries imbroglio and DMP survival
    The Supreme Court judgment for industries in Delhi unequivocally upholds Delhi Master Plan provisions and processes. Whatever the city does with this judgment will affect the statutory framework for its planned development and through it the course of its history. Indifference and frivolousness are equally unaffordable.
  • 6. Delhi Master Plan 2021 - DEMYSTIFY
    An entitlements perspective of the Master Plan and its revision

    Master Plans are statutory long-term holistic frameworks for efficient and equitable city development. Their provisions are citizens’ entitlements in city benefits and solutions and their processes guarantee accountability in enforcing and safeguards against downsizing entitlements. While anti-plan propaganda is popular, evidence of better entitlements is sufficient and necessary case for alternatives.
  • 7. Delhi Master Plan (2021) Revision Monitor
    The premise of this assessment and this Minder is that planned development is not Plan-making but development according to Plan, which is a document of entitlements on which Plan revision must provide implementation accountability and enhancement assurance while seeking participation to build Plan ownership.
  • 8. Delhi Master Plan: Politics of Planning
    This is not a learned piece about how ideological stances do or do not, can or cannot, should or should not, guide planning. This is just a whistleblower’s account of just some developments spread over just ten days that clearly show (at least to the author) that it is pack-up time for planners. Politics of planning to facilitate politics of development has come of age.
  • 9. Delhi Master Plan 2021 - TRACK
    Delhi Cooperative Societies' Bill, contrary to and eroding Master Plan land policy , approved in Delhi Assembly despite admitted illegality by way of lapse on mandatory Public Notice and despite citizens' requests.
  • 10. Processes: advocacy for banishing buffaloes, The Hindu, 05.06.04
    Two days after newspapers reported Delhi Urban Development Minister’s decision to relocate Delhi’s dairies in accordance with Delhi Master Plan, The Hindu, in a news report (with no byline, no quotes and no news) titled ‘Sheila Government bogged down by populism’ has pitched for resumption of the drive by which MCD had started shutting Delhi’s dairies and auctioning impounded buffaloes in neighbouring states in the name of court orders in an NGO PIL about stray cattle.
  • 11. Shelter: ‘Tale of two cities’
    The Hindu introduces one Amita Baviskar as sociologist and Ciriacy-Wantrup Fellow at University of California, Berkeley, and her presence in its Sunday magazine as follows.
    Efforts of DDA, initiatives of people’s representatives, interventions by courts and views expressed by civil organisations and eminent persons at seminars have gone into shaping the document that will shape the future of the city.
  • 13. Delhi Master Plan Guidelines of 2003 - Response
    As to how the consensus on control of DDA is matched by a consensus against the Master Plan and explains why this is a dangerous combination.
  • 14. source: