Garden of Five Senses (Master Plan violation in Delhi ridge) that was honoured with Indian Building Congress award in June 2004 and was jostling with Mittal Gardens in dandiya-masti extravaganza in October 2004 was also “paid a visit by officials from the city of Saint Etienne earlier this year during their travel around the world to select projects for …the biennale… to provide a window to “unusual innovations and cultural identities that bring the colour of diversity and originality back to the world being greyed out by globalisation strategies”. The Garden … “one of the largest commissions of public art in India” … featured in the Saint Etienne Biennale in France … held from November 6

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(with text of news report of 04/11/2004 about the featuring) “What is public-art? And St Etienne Biennale?
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