Figure 3: Letter to Architect Christopher Beninger by Riyaz Tayyibji

c. You talk about a love and care for this campus, and yet your proposed building is articulated in such a shabby commercial façade, louvered skin way. It is not the architectural language that is offensive, it is the sheer lack of resolution the casualness with which it is done that is irksome. You stated more than once that work on this building has been going on for a year. That I must say is not what came through. What showed up seems like a few days of work slapped together in a generic manner. I am not for a moment suggesting that laborious time is equal to good design, but even the brightest flashes of brilliance need to be followed up with a rigour for resolution. Because it is in the nitty-gritty, in what is seen as the trivial issues like wall sections, details, typos and the ridiculous list of GREEN features that any second year student could have downloaded from the net, that a symptomatic larger lack of seriousness, care and intent, pervade the proposal’s mediocrity.