De Gruyter Open, a part of De Gruyter publishing group, invites book proposals for the Open Access program on Theology and Religious Studies.

Especially welcome are proposals for the new series on:

  • Hinduism - What defines Hinduism as an ‘ism’? Tenets, practices, scriptures and customs or something more than a conglomerate of these elements and features? Apart from the distinct approaches, orientation and understandings of Hinduism that have been examined and commented upon, this series welcomes critical and comprehensive studies on the genealogy and trajectory of Hinduism as a concept, category and lived reality.
  • New Religious Movements - The series welcomes written or edited monographs and anthologies on new religious movements (NRMs) and alternative spiritualities – both empirical and theoretical with interdisciplinary approaches. Of particular interest are those that combine perspectives and methods drawn from all social sciences and humanities on the present, historical and newly emerging NRMs, as well as research methods, issues and problems, and new directions in study of NRMs.
  • Philosophy of Religion - The series welcomes proposals on any topic relating to the philosophy of religion; of particular interest are proposals on the problems or the philosophers that build connections between different philosophical traditions (e.g. analytic and continental), that are cross-cultural and/or comparative in approach, or chart new paths in research at the intersection of philosophy and religious studies.

If you wish to submit a new book proposal, please fill in our New Book Proposal Form and return it in electronic form by e-mail to Managing Editor for this subject area or send it to info[at]