Kanye West is bringing an incredible architectural concept to the hills of Calabasas -- doing studies and developments to change the industry -- and the prototypes are now springing up with an eye toward making them new age homes.


Construction crews have been hard at work at the Calabasas site for weeks ... with trucks, cranes and dozens of workers coming in and out. The dome-like structures each stand around 50 feet high.

[TMZ's] Kanye sources say the project is in an "early state" but the vibe is there ... to make new housing communities the world can enjoy. [They're] told Ye and his team are studying dwellings "from every period of man's existence on earth." Those who have visited the property say the proportions feel otherworldly. [TMZ is] told the domes and living spaces will be "dynamic" ... something that has become Kanye's stock-in-trade. The Calabasas home he shares with Kim is considered an architectural masterpiece with what some have called a revolutionary use of space.