An exhibition entitled “Archaeology of Memory” opens at the Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art on August 1 at 6.30pm and continues until September 21.

“Acute village depopulation and severe aging society in Bulgaria cause a devastating loss of cultural traditions and identity all over the country. Villages become ghosts of neglected houses, churches and all kind of trivia as quasi-objects reflecting the community spirit of once notorious Bulgarian Renaissance identity,” the gallery said.

“The exhibition brings to the fore the scope of memory loss in cultural heritage traditions and highlights the efforts of few enthusiasts without borders to dig and revive tiny particles of Bulgarian Renaissance spirit.”


Exhibition by arch. Milena Metalkova-Markova, Darren Barker, arch. Polina Kyosseva, arch. Martin Kunchev, arch. Elina Hadzhieva, arch. Azatuhi Sarkissyan, Maria Petkova and Viktoriya Dimitrova