Last month, Subhash Kapoor was charged with 86 felony counts for allegedly looting $145 million in antiquities over the last 50 years. This month, his former clients continue to reel from the revelations as more stolen artifacts are returned.

For a generation, the art dealer Subhash Kapoor was one of Manhattan’s premier dealers of Indian antiques, selling his stock to some of the world’s most renowned museums. Today, he is described as “one of the most prolific art smugglers in the world” by Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE).

Last month, New York officials charged Kapoor with 86 felony counts and accused him of trafficking $145 million in antiquities since at least 1974. But American authorities must wait before they can prosecute the former gallerist. In 2011, Interpol agents arrested Kapoor in Frankfurt before extraditing him to India, where he currently awaits trial for allegedly running an international smuggling racket.