He's easily one of India's foremost architects, and his buildings like the Shiv Sagar Estate complex, the Nehru Centre, Grand Paradi and the Otters' Club dominate Mumbai's skyline like few others. 

So next month attending the launch of 'The Architecture of IM Kadri,' by Kaiwan Mehta, will be a slew of heavy weights from the architect's legion of friends and admirers. For starters, Rajya Sabha MP Sharad Pawar will preside over the function, and the guests of honour will be Deepak Parekh and Shirish Patel. But there will be others too.

The Kadris, both IM and his late wife Vipula, were foremost amongst the city's intelligentsia, and very much part of an illustrious group comprising artist MF Husain, actor Dilip Kumar, Barrister Rajni Patel, and city elder Nana Chudasama.

That the above were also married to graceful and hospitable women made it something of the primus groups of its time in Mumbai. Elegant soirees and sit down dinners, where chiffons and crepe de chines and crisp kurta pajamas were the order of the day, and Chivas Regal served as the conversation would turn to art, and politics, and culture.

But of course, this was 30 years ago and along with the old guard, the book launch next month will be attended by the children and grandchildren of this circle: NCP leader Supriya Sule, BJP spokesperson Shaina NC, Kadri's daughters Mana Shetty and Isha Mehra who have taken over their mother's philanthropic activities, and son, architect Rahul Kadri, along with his (Kadri's) grandchildren including the actress Athiya Shetty, are all expected to be present. And going by the names, it appears that the more things change the more they stay the same.