Urban infrastructure spending will be increasing in the next five months."The government will be announcing a lot of welfare measures for poverty alleviation and urban development," said Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Information & Broadcasting Venkaiah Naidu in the city on Tuesday,

Union Minister of Urban Development said, "Mahatma Gandhi gave two pieces of pertinent advice, which India has ignored. One was India should go back to the villages. Instead of which we have turned our back on villages. With lack of opportunities everyone has migrated to cities. Why even I have gone from rural development minister under A B Vajpayee to urban development minister under Narendra Modi"

"The second piece of advice Mahatma Gandhi gave was disband the Congress, soon after we got freedom. A very relevant piece of advice today for our Opposition," said the Union Minister. 

The Minister launched a postal stamp in memory of the late KCP chairman V Ramakrishna at the event marking 75 years of KCP Ltd. "I am very critical about dynasty in politics. It is nasty. But dynasty in business is to be applauded as evinced by groups like KCP, which today celebrate 75 years of business cohesiveness, ethics and family values," said the Minister.

On demonetisation, the Minister observed, "Everyone is asking "Where are the results? It's 40 days! 50 days of demonetisation! I don't blame them for asking. But the effects will be felt 5 months and even 5 years from now," said the Minister. 

Demonetisation he said has helped cleanse India, "created a parallel digital economy, completely eradicated terror attacks and Pakistan's inflow of counterfeit currencies in the borders, stopped drug and women trafficking and corruption at certain political parties."