Dear Sir,

A letter has been written to you by architect MAKI on the way the Andhra Pradesh government has treated him and his firm after having won the international competition for Amravathi.

Yes there were many objections raised by many. All acceptable.

But when you decide a winner, and that too by a panel of eminent judges, it's understood that a process has been put in place.

If there were changes needed to be done then I am sure maki as stated in his letter has and would have continued to do so.

But to bring in another set of architects to replace him is an affront to our profession and I and many architects feel that what the government of Andhra Pradesh has done, firstly disrespects the profession and more over places us in very bad light in the eyes of the world.

I beseech you to act against this unfair act and to publicly denounce this action, so that there is a modicum of respect to the COA and therefore to the architectural profession in india. We need to stand up to this and so much that we as professionals are put through.