Mangaluru, Apr 1: The Mangalore-Manipal Centre of the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA) organised an evening with acclaimed architect and former chairman of the Indian Institute of Architects, Karnataka Chapter Prof Krishna Rao Jaisim at Mangalore Club here on Friday, March 31.

Prof Jaisim, who is also the founder of Jaisim - Fountainhead, said, "The goal of architecture is to produce spaces for human beings to live. This definition has far reaching implications, from monumental structures to perform its traditional and cultural rituals, to the basic functions of providing a roof over a human being's head and to keep off the elements that hinder his life. We should always concentrate on that aspect of human living.The availability of material, both in terms of quality and quantity, and add to this, the significant factor of cost.

"Quality means all those characteristics of a material that will fulfill the requirements of the needs of a house. This deals with the aspect of specification. There should be the ability to combine the materials in such a manner as to give form by covering the spaces desired. Again, the structure should to be easily constructed and economically feasible. The method and approach is important. Each situation has its own particular demand. Architecture is all about integrating the material to form a meaningful structure creating the desired space," he added.

Presenting his views on technology-based structures, he said, "Technology clearly states that any structure must comply with the fundamentals of stress and strain. This means that a clear understanding of the forces that make a structure behave is very crucial. This leads to the understanding of the materials, for it is materials that form the structure. And as stated earlier, the material should not only have the characteristics to perform as a structure, but also the dual role of considering the demands of environment.

"Man is limited only by his ability to reason and question. These are two demanding aspects. It is essential that we as architects are conscious of our premise and confident in our approach. Ancient monuments are being neglected, but these are the ones that inspire architects. A little daring with curiosity is the only answer to this problem. There are no easy solutions," he concluded.