4th April 2016
Shri Narendra Modi,
Honourable Prime Minister of India

Subject: Demolition of the Iconic Complex Comprising Hall of Nations & Industries and Nehru Pavilion.

Dear Sir,

The International Union of Architects is a global federation of the national Associations of Architects from more than 120 countries representing more than 1.3 million Architects worldwide. It is the only international organisation that represents the world’s Architects with the objective of promoting and developing architecture and its profession for the benefit of the public. Part of this endeavour is the preservation of architectural heritage and culture.

The UIA have noted with serious concerns that there is a proposal which is in an advanced stage of implementation to demolish the above referred iconic complex, comprising of Hall of Nations, Hall of Industries and Nehru Pavilion in New Delhi.

It is noteworthy that these iconic structures are the living testimony to India's contribution to the contemporary architecture and engineering excellence which are known internationally. The complex is widely published as textbook material and these structures are a great source of inspiration to the students and practitioners of architecture alike.

The iconic complex comprising the Hall of Nations, Hall of Industries and Nehru Pavilion is a national asset and a "Heritage in the making" which should be preserved, protected and maintained.

The Council of the UIA at its 128th session in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania on 31st March - 1st April resolve and earnestly appeal to the Government of India through your good office to do everything possible to ensure protection, preservation and maintenance of the said iconic complex.

Thank you.
Best wishes and regards,
Ar Esa Mohamed, FPAM, FRAIA, RIBA, Hon AIA,
President, UIA
Copy to: Ar. Divya Kush, President, IIA