Date: 13th April 2017. 
The Ministry of Commerce, 
New Delhi, India. 

The Hall of Nations and the Nehru Pavilion are the testimonials of Modern Architecture in the India. Currently these monuments are struggling and facing serious threat of demolition in the name of new development. These Buildings are the symbols of strong culture, architecture of that period and landmarks designed by great pioneer architects of Modern India. 

We, the students and Faculty of the Department of Architecture of Sathyabama University have done a lot in saving the strong Cultural land Marks in Chennai through documenting the identified buildings in collaboration with Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. Our Faculty have also worked with INTACH and they funded a project for Documenting the Temple Town of Tamil Nadu, Kancheepuram. The Central Ministry of Culture and Tourism sanctioned a project for our Faculty to document the Historical Hindi Prachar Sabha Building at Chennai. 

The Department has always strongly supported with its mission of strengthening the cultural and historical values of our heritage buildings through proper documentation, conservation and preservation techniques. The students and the faculty with our past experience are keen in supporting and working for safeguarding the iconic building (sic!) like The Hall of Nations and the Nehru Pavilion in all possible ways needed for the Restoration of these Buildings. 

With warm Regards,