Centre for Applied Research & Education
05th of May, 2017 
The Ministry of Commerce, 
New Delhi, 

The hall of Nations and the Nehru Pavilion at Pragati Maidan are iconic structures built to mark the 25th anniversary of Indian Independence. Completed in 1972, these permanent Exhibition spaces designed by Ar. Raj Rewal and Ar. Mahendra Raj echo Indian sentiments in a Modem idiom. 

Symbols of a powerful synthesis between Architectural concepts and advanced Engineering, these buildings have been important milestones in the evolution of contemporary Indian Architecture. 

At a time period when the institutions imparting Architectural education across the nation are looking to their roots to establish their identities, the presence of such structures which reinforce the ideology of "Indianness" in the modem times are to be preserved for posterity. The academic potential of these buildings are immeasurable and are of great value to institutions offering courses on architecture, structural engineering and built civic spaces. 

We at the school would like to urge the ministry to reconsider its decision to demolish as these land marks as they have a strong potential to become Architectural Heritage with the passing of time and therefore must be conserved for the present as well as the future generations to benefit from. 

Ar. Vijaykumar Sengottuvelan
C.A.R.E School of Architecture.