At present, most of the planning authorities in the State of Maharashtra, under the provisions of their GDCRs allow Civil Engineers, Supervisors, Structural Engineers, Surveyors etc. architectural practice by issue of licences. 

This is clearly in violation of the spirit of the Architects Act1 972, which seeks to regulate the architectural profession in India in the interests of people.

The Council of Architecture is specifically entrusted with the task of regulating the profession of architecture as well as the education in the field of architecture, to ensure that the architectural services are provided by competent persons only.

It was misconstrued earlier that the Architects Act only protects the title ‘Architect’ and that other professionals can provide architectural services without calling themselves as ‘Architects’.

The recent Supreme Court Judgement (14 Feb 2017) has made it clear that this is an erroneous interpretation of the Act, implying that Architectural Services can not be provided by any person not registered with the Council of Architecture.

In the light of this judgement, the existing provisions which allow architectural practice by other persons not registered with the Council of Architecture, need to be deleted from the GDCRs of all the Planning Authorities in the State of Maharashtra.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Chief minister, Maharashtra state
    Devendra Fadanvis
  • Prime Minister, India
    Narendra Modi