... on Proposed Academic Building on CEPT Campus by Christopher Benninger

I. Self important

In the architectural tour set up for us, what is the first thing we see? Do we sense the existing building, which is right before us? No. The camera turns to the right as soon as we cross the gates. And there it is. The brand spanking new project. Sets the tone for rest of the 5 minutes, doesn't it? From then on, the gaze is fixed. Eyes are locked.

II. Captive

Many may say, "at least they kept the North lawns"...because that is exactly what the expectation is. The lowest common denominator. But the north lawn is removed from its habitat, and reinserted with lepidopterist precision, like a dead butterfly. Pinned, classified and displayed. 

III. Walkthroughs

A body we just killed we pass on our way to the next quest. It disappears from the screen anyway, without any rot or stench. As though in a video game. To really bland mall music.

Shubhra Raje
28th Sept 2017