NEW DELHI, DHNS: Though higher education institutions in India produce lakhs of engineers every year, less than half of the graduates get job opportunity through campus placements.

The placement figures of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are better than other engineering colleges in the country as over 60% of their students are recorded to have job offers during placement drive on campus.

But, the premier technical institutes also witnessed a fall in the placement of their students by 5% last year over those of the previous year.

As per government statistics, 41.57% of the engineering graduates could get job offers through campus placement in 2012-13, 41.49% in 2013-14, 44.08% in 2014-15 and 46.13% in 2015-16 while the number of students who successfully completed their engineering programme in various disciplines remained 6,57,100, 7,13,190, 7,60,259 and, 7,85,354 in the respective years.

The number of engineering students who were placed in 2016-17 came at 3,32,069, according to the All India Council for Technical Institutes (AICTE).

The percentage of the students placed in 2016-17, however, remains unknown as the council has not yet compiled the data on the number of students who successfully cleared their degree programme in 2016-17.