Ayodhya, Dec 15 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday said that some people were trying to create confusion over the `Kumbh’ despite the UNESCO terming it as one of the rare heritage, spreading the message of brotherhood and harmony.

"The intellectuals called Kumbh against the environment, Dalits, women etc but I wanted to question that how could it be so in the country which offered prayers to Tulsi, Bargad, Peepal etc and never cut it as they contribute in maintaining environment”, asserted the Chief Minister, while adding that such baseless allegations were made even when UNESCO had given `Kumbh’ as one of rare `darohar’ (heritage) in the world.

``Many in the country have sacrificed their lives just to save `Akshayvat’ even then we are called to be against the environment”, he claimed, adding that he has personally visited two Kumbhs so far and found the feeling of brotherhood and harmony there.

Mr Adityanath made these remarks while inaugurating the two-day `Samrasta Kumbh’ function which will begin at new campus of Awadh University here on Saturday in which over 3,200 participants were present. He also hailed Narendra Modi and claimed that he had worked hard to get the Kumbh recognised by the UNESCO as one of the rare heritage. 


The Chief minister also targeted Rahul Gandhi over his sudden love for Hindus and their Gods. He claimed that just to take political mileage of the religion, Rahul Gandhi had started revealing about `Gotra’ in public meeting or even showing his `Janeyau’.

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