'Most Urgent' letter enumerating statutory and judicial and parliamentary processes besides NCMP promise and pledge that the proposed demolition would frustrate

DDA Vice Chairman

Sub: Demolition ‘notice’ in Lal Khet


Today afternoon your staff accompanied by local police staff has verbally informed residents of Lal Khet of demolition plan for 29.07.04. Kindly note that the proposed demolition frustrates the following processes:

A) Against the Mall-and-Park scheme (calling for the demolitions)

  1. Compliance on judgment of 16.09.02 in WP 4978/2002 in terms of Sultangarhi sheme inquiry, last sought in letter of 21.07.04 to DDA Chairman in view of Malls&Park scheme involving identical s.11A / s.6 illegalities
  2. WP 8523/2003 challenging legality of unplanned schemes, including Malls&Park scheme, in the area
  3. WP 6980/2002 challenging legality of unrestricted commercial disposal in residential areas
  4. Appropriate action by MoUD on letters forwarded by President’s Secretariat on 11.02.04 and 18.06.04
  5. Representation of 20.07.04 to Supreme Court CEC (enclosed in letter of 21.07.04 to DDA Chairman)
  6. Complaints (to MoUD, Police, CGWA, CVC, CEC) of 12.07.04 / 23.07.04 of boring for Malls (with pictures)

B) About Lal Khet / old communities in and around Vasant Kunj

  1. WP 5007&5009/2002 challenging legality of resettlement, demolitions, etc.
  2. WP 8954-8959/2003 about DMP right to education of children (wrt court orders for free seats)
  3. WP 8523/2003 about DMP entitlements of pre-Vasant Kunj communities in the area
  4. Submissions (response to Notice pursuant to DDA scam) for hearing by Parliamentary Standing Committee
  5. Supreme Court SLP about resettlement policy (not mentioned in ‘offer-cum-demand letters’ in Lal Khet)
  6. MoUD ‘slum-free master plan’ announced in two weeks on 26.06.04, extended on 14.07.04
  7. s.41(3) application to Secretary MoUD about legality and propriety of decision to demolish Lal Khet
  8. Representations / demands for discussion about legal option consistent with DMP / NCMP, made from the area since NCMP adoption / from Lal Khet since 02.06.04 (ie, just after commencement of distribution of ‘offer-cum-demands’ on 31.05.04), including since 07.07.04 about Bawana (where children are dying)

In view of the above, in context of NCMP commitments, you are requested to kindly issue directions for:

  • sealing of borewells on the Malls site
  • against demolition in Lal Khet
  • discussion on lawful options for old communities, consistent with DMP and NCMP

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma / MPISG Planner


  • Commissioner, Delhi Police (with request for instructions to local police about illegal borings / action taken report on complaint of 02.07.04 and, if instructions against providing force are not considered appropriate, instructions to ensure officials take personal responsibility for demolition in view of the above)
  • DDA Chairman, with request for intervention / opportunity to meet, in continuation of letter of 21.07.04