Letter to DDA / MoUD for details / clarifications about proposed camp-approach in resettlement, mentioned in newspaper interview by DDA Vice Chairman

Vice Chairman DDA

Sub: Request on behalf of clients for clarifications / details of DDA’s ‘camp approach’ Ref: Your interview in ToI of 25.06.04


In your interview under reference, you have said, “We are slowly moving towards what we call a 'camp approach'. There are certain issues like alternate plots for eligible slum-dwellers … which people have a lot of complaints about. So, we have started holding camps for the aggrieved parties”. I presume the camp reportedly held recently at instance of Mr Ajay Maken for evictees from the Vijayghat portion of Pushta is part of this initiative. 

On behalf of my clients in resettlement areas I seek the following clarifications / details:

  1. If these camps are for those evicted without resettlement to reconsider their eligibility, as suggested by the camp at instance of Mr Maken from which 350 benefitted:
    1. Copy of advertisements, as issued for freehold conversion camps, etc, informing all aggrieved of the schedule of these camps (since clients evicted without resettlement from Naraina and Pushta – sent to Holambi Kalan Ph.2 – seem unaware of them)
    2. Criteria for reconsideration of eligibility, if these are not specified in the said advertisements, and, if the criteria are the same as the original criteria, compensation on account of official negligence (since reconsideration requests are / were made at time of original consideration)
  2. If these camps are for those already declared eligible / resettled, as suggested by your statement:
    1. Copy of advertisements informing all aggrieved of their schedule (since clients resettled in Narela, Holambi, Bhalaswa, etc, in 2000, in Madanpur Khadar in 2002 and in Holambi in 2003-2004 have been drawing attention to outstanding problems through, besides letters, responses to Public Notices and representations to Parliamentary Standing Committee in response to its notice inviting views on functioning of DDA, etc)
    2. Scope of grievances to be redressed at these camps (since the problems are wide ranging and some, like over-charging for plots, double-charging for electricity infrastructure, etc, have overlapping jurisdiction for redress)
  3. The basis of the ‘camp approach’ and its consistency with Delhi Master Plan and matters in courts 

I also seek the following information / clarifications about other things said in the interview: 

  • is ‘third party quality assurance’, mentioned apropos flyovers, being considered apropos mandatory monitoring tasks and, if so, how can one apply for the job?
  • which “projections for 2021 also show that we will have to involve the private sector” (since demographic projections on their own do not show strategic options and other projections are not in public domain and this decision amounts to a very substantive DMP modification)?
  • what compensatory / rectification measures have been taken while allowing illegal amalgamation of janta units in Narela?

As an aside, I want to bring to your attention again that unviable and illegal one room flats, that you have now sensibly decided to discontinue, continue to be built inexplicably by DSIDC and also be demanded by GNCT, etc. I hope your decision includes stopping their foolhardiness and will also lead to the logical decision of EWS plots as per DMP, including on sites earmarked for Janta flats and that in these you will include not just wait-list backlog but DMP target backlog (including those resettled with temporary tenure in illegal ways) within the ambit of DDA responsibility, as required by law.

Yours sincerely, 

Gita Dewan Verma / Planner

cc: Secretary MoUD

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  • 1. 'We'll clear entire backlog by 2005'
    Corruption, missed deadlines and stalled projects -- Delhi Development Authority (DDA), the prime land-owning agency of the city, has been in news for all the wrong reasons since the land scam. In a year when experts are finalising the first draft of Master Plan for Delhi 2021, DDA's role is crucial. The policy decisions taken by the civic body shape not only Delhi's skyline, but also the common man's dream of owning a home. In an exclusive interview with The Times Of India , DDA vice-chairman Madhukar Gupta speaks about future policies, new projects and making DDA more people-friendly. (Retrieved 30th June, 2013)