Parliamentary standing Committee visit to Vasant Kunj


In response to the Committee’s Public Notice of 22.06.2003 (in wake of the DDA scam) **memoranda** were submitted by all MPISG members in Mehrauli-Mahipalpur who had pointed out “DDA scam” long before CBI caught it. Our efforts by then had included 4 detailed reports (3 on Plan violations getting in the way of Plan solutions for low income housing, common school system, space for small / informal trade (2001) and 1 connecting water crisis to illegal projects (2002)), representations for Plan solutions for villages, etc, 2-month long demonstration in support of the Plan, participation in municipal election with proxy candidate to popularize the Plan, several presentations (including to CVC and Planning Commission), etc, and 3 court matters, viz: - WP 4978/2002 (through DSF) against Sultangarhi mega-housing in Green Belt, which High Court ordered stopped and also inquired into (to prevent identical illegalities) on 16.09.2002 - WP 5007&9/2002 (by 200 jhuggi families) for lawful relocation to nearby janta housing site (under, eg, Sahara Restaurant), in which DDA conceded failure to provide mandatory EWS units.

- WP 6980/2002 (jointly by hawkers, flats, villages) against auctioning market space for unrestricted use (DDA conceded it had failed to / assured it will ensure mandatory provisions for hawkers, etc)

Our concerns were also raised in over 1700 responses to s.11A Public Notice precipitated by Sultangarhi PIL. Our memoranda were based on all this. Later we filed 2 more court matters, viz: - WP 8523/2003 for Plan entitlements of old communities and heritage protection in ridge area and against continuing illegal projects (A/C Mandi, hospital, club, mega-housing, etc in J-Zone, flats in Mahipalpur Hauz, Malls, etc, in place of VK ph.2, etc), in which, notice was issued on 22.09.2004, but replies have not been filed and work / boring / quarrying continues despite complaints, etc. - WP 8954-59/2003 (by all classes) for Master Plan common school system and against Plan violations by mis-allotment / misuse on all school sites, allowed on 27.10.2004 with directions for action against all violations in 12 weeks on which no compliance has occurred and request to issue at least Public Notice to caution those seeking admissions has been ignored.

Further court orders in earlier matters, CVC references and forwardings by Hon’ble President, responses to Public Notices, efforts for enforcement of Plan entitlements / solutions in context of NCMP, etc, have also all been ignored. And we are here today at invitation not of our authorities or our area representatives or their “bhagidaars”, but on basis of our memoranda to a Committee that is to us last hope amidst what we perceives as anomie, as mentioned in our letter of 08.12.2004 about our demand for disposal of responses to Public Notice to “regularize” the IT Park on riverbed, in context also of Public Notice to modifying the Plan to allow commercial complex in Mahipalpur Hauz. We have later had to modify our demand to seek “exemplary demolition” and stopping of all such projects in ridge and riverbed, etc, till disposal of statutory/judicial processes relating to them. We seek a detailed hearing on all of the above, etc, before Public Notice for Master Plan 2021.

To support planned development. To oppose unplanned development. To protect our future.