Letter to GNCTD Chief Secretary (18/01/2005)


Chief Secretary, GNCTD

Sub: Our representations and GNCTD forwardings

Ref: Forwarding no.F.22(15)/2001/UD/MCD/PF/15938 dated 14.01.05 (text enclosed)


By the forwarding under reference confidential letter of 07.12.20041

written to you to protest identical forwarding (of CVC’s confidential / most immediate letter of 10.09.2004 to you and a confidential / most immediate letter of 02.10.2004 to Police Commissioner with copy to you in context of it) has been identically forwarded. A case of abuse of forwardings that we reported only to draw attention to a larger issue after having dealt with the specific “problem” on our own, has also been converted to our “representation”, etc. Please permit us to clarify:

  1. We have NOT made representations to GNCTD about the following:
    • mandatory provisions / restrictions for hawkers (We await your action on CVC’s confidential / most immediate letter of 10.09.2004 to you on our representation to CVC, especially since GNCTD intervention in draft DMP-2021 reportedly did not point out that existing provisions were being “proposed” to skirt accountability).
    • the specific (logo-fixing) instance of abuse of GNCTD forwarding practices (We regret having reported it as we now have to worry about consequences of having “complained”)
  2. We HAVE made representations to GNCTD about the following and would appreciate action by it:
    • (vide letter of 28.12.2004) for compliance of court order of 27.10.2004 in WP 8954-59/2003 for stopping in 12 weeks (which elapse today) violations getting in the way of equal access neighbourhood schooling. (You are respondent no.3 and violations are on account of GNCTD)
    • (vide letters of 21&22.11.2004) urging expediting of replies to notice issued by Court on 22.09.2004 in WP 8523/2004 against illegal projects, etc, in ridge area / green belt jeopardizing entitlements of existing communities. (You are respondent no.3 and we have alleged that GNCTD has direct or indirect role in all the violations)

Our other letters are NOT “representations” and have largely presumed (especially the last of 16.01.20052, flagged with request to be considered personal) to caution GNCTD about the growing distance between its “bhagidaari” and the Constitution, only because our work allowed us to spot this. We will not be doing so any more and request these other letters be discarded rather than forwarded.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

(on behalf also of MPISG conveners on education, commerce and ridge-area)

Gita Dewan Verma, MPISG Planner

cc: ...CVC (for information)


Text of forwarding under reference




No.F.22(15)/2001/UD/MCD/PF/15938 Dated: 14.01.05


  1. The Vice Chairman, Delhi Development Authority, Vikas Sadan, Delhi.
  2. The Commissioner, MCD, Town Hall, Delhi.
  3. The Chief Executive Officer, Delhi Cantonement Board, Delhi.
  4. The Chairperson, NDMC, Palika Kendra, New Delhi.
  5. The Div.Commissioner, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, 5-Sham Nath Marg, Delhi

Sub: Re-mandatory provisions for hawkers etc.


I am directed to enclose herewith a copy of letter dated 07.12.2004 of Ms.Geeta Dewan, Planner, r/o.1356-D I Vasant Kunj, New Delhi in which the certain issues i.e., re mandatory provisions for hawkers and fixing of logo in Slum areas etc. You are requested to take appropriate action in the light of issues raised in the letter. The ATR may be sent to the representationist directly under intimation to this department.

Yours faithfully,





  1. no.

Copy to:

Ms Gita Dewan, Planner, r/o 1356 D-I, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-70 w.r.t her letter dated 7.12.04




  • 1. Letter about GNCTD forwarding practices
    With reference to GNCTD letter forwarding to various officials confidential letter from CVC and confidential letter arising from it and with reference to an instance of misuse of its forwarded letters by an NGO/firm to extort (sent as confidential letter to Chief Secretary on 07/12/2004 and posted on the web following developments reported on 09/12/2004) 


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