Letter to DDA Commissioner Planning (12/02/2005)

Mr AK Jain Commissioner Planning (DDA)

Sub: WP(C) 6980/2002 / misuse for Malls of Master Plan space for small and local enterprise

Ref: Our letters of 21 & 31.01.2005 with reference to court orders of 06 & 12.01.2005

Dear Mr Jain,

In continuation of our letters of 21.01.2005 and 31.01.2005, this is to bring to your attention the text of the orders of 06.01.2005 and 12.01.2005 of which we now have certified copies:

On 06.01.2005, in our WP(C) 6980/2002 the Hon’ble Court ordered:

  • “Learned counsel appearing for the petitioners makes a request for a pass over on the ground that counsel for the petitioners is arguing a case in the Supreme Court. That is not a ground for a pass over of this matter which is at Item No.1. The counsel, who is present, is unable to argue the matter. Hence the matter is dismissed in default for non-prosecution.”

On 12.01.2005, on our restoration application (CM 250/2005), the Hon’ble court ordered:

  • “For the reasons stated in the application, the writ petition is restored to its original number subject to payment of Rs.5,000/- to be deposited with Delhi Legal Services Authority. Application stands disposed off.”

And on WP(C) 6980/2005, the Hon’ble Court ordered:

  • “Reply, if any, be filed by DDA within a period of four weeks. List on 20.04.2005.”

We were unaware of the last when we wrote on 21.01.2005 to ask if DDA and MoUD will reply as per order of 11.08.2004. The four weeks since order of 12.01.2005 have also elapsed, without reply.

Meanwhile, Vasant Kunj community centre site is selling as Sun-City-Mall (about which we wrote on 31.01.05); there are rumors that the Mahipalpur Hauz site for which Public Notice for land use change was issued in November 2004 is also to have a Mall; and work on Malls on Nelson Mandela Road is continuing (despite notice of 22.09.2004 in our WP 8523/2003, replies in which are also awaited).

Our PIL seem to have reached a dead-end; our Public Notice responses since 2002 have come to naught; our memoranda of 2003 to Parliamentary Standing Committee are poised to become infructuous before being heard; CVC reference of 2004 in our favour has also cut no ice; the leading ladies of the patently problem-sustaining “alternative” discourse now star in the National Commission for informal sector (in ministry of SSI, not UD); MoUD, DDA, HUDCO, HSMI, NCRPB, DUAC, SPA all seem to have nothing to say about all this.

We are completely baffled by all this. Since DDA CE(SW), Mr R K Sood, has been quoted saying (HT South Delhi, 10.02.2005) that “The mall issue falls in the domain of Commissioner Planning A.K.Jain” we now ask you to at least tell us why we are being made Mall-a-Mall against our wishes.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma

MPISG Planner


  • LG, Secy CVC, Adviser (HUD) PC, chairman DUAC (for information wrt letters under reference)
  • NCRPB, HUDCO, MoUD (PA), SPA (wrt communications about the “alternative” discourse)

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