Illegal IT Park on riverbed

Shri K Chakraborty

Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha Secretariat
Room No.330, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Request to put up the enclosed demand about metro IT Park on riverbed to Hon’ble members of Parliamentary Standing Committee examining the DDA scam of 2003...(encl.11)

Ref: Request of 29.01.2004 (with reference to Committee’s visit to metro sites) in continuation of request of 22.01.2004 (encl.22), etc

Dear Sir,

All above-mentioned requests are in context of responses to notice of 22.06.2003 inviting views on functioning of DDA. These responses are becoming infructuous as the scam continues, as demonstrated by IT Park on the riverbed – a project started in disregard of law and court orders in November 2003 (ie, after the scam had been exposed and the Committee’s examination had begun), sought to be “regularized” by changing the Master Plan only in September 2004, and continuing not only to be built but also show-cased in contempt now also of Public Notice process, besides verdict of the people, which Hon’ble President interpreted as being one for restoration of rule of law.

We request you to kindly convey our demand about IT Park to the Hon’ble MPs in Standing Committee for Urban Development who are examining functioning of DDA in particular or subversion of statutory Master Plans in general. We also seek again hearing by the Committee.

We are planning to collate responses to the notice of 22.06.2003 for constructive diagnosis of anomie in urban development, which will involve placing them on the web. Please let us know if this seems problematic and also if it might be of use to the Committee.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma

MPISG Planner


for investigation into the IT Park on the riverbed, if considered appropriate

  • CVC
  • CBI

for favour of information, in continuation of requests of 22.01.2004

  • Hon’ble President of India
  • Hon’ble Chief Justice of India

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