Letter, Public Notice; Clarifications sought about metro property Public Notices


Commissioner Planning (DDA),
Vikas Minar, New Delhi – 110002

Sub: s.11A Public Notices of December 2002, April 2004 and September 20041 for metro property development – requests in view of s.11A Public Notice for industries

Ref: ‘Zip, shop, zoom: Hypermarkets at Metro stations’ (news item, ToI 23.11.2004, p.3) and ‘Promotion of Hi-Tech Environment Friendly, Information Technology and IT related industry in Delhi (GNCTD DoI full-page advertisement, HT, 17.11.04, p.13)

Dear Mr Jain,

I am writing to you since letters to Principal Commissioner-cum-Secretary between Public Notices are often returned and seek favour of forwarding as appropriate.

  1. The ToI news item under reference mentions metro property development not even remotely contemplated in Delhi Master Plan. To allow it Master Plan modification was proposed in s.11A Public Notice of April 2004. Even that proposal does not allow, say, the type of development proposed at Khyber Pass (also mentioned in the item) sought to be allowed by Master Plan modification proposed in s.11A Public Notice of December 2002. My responses to both these Public Notices have not been heard. Since the very effective PR Wing of DMRC continues to inform public about progress on its illegal property development, I presume the same has been legitimised by abuse of s.11A by discarding responses received. I seek details of disposal of my responses to the said Public Notices of December 2002 and April 2004. My response to s.11A Public Notice of September 2004 to legitimize further arbitrary and unique metro property development not allowed by previous s.11A abuse is on grounds of non-disposal of prior objections, etc, which would be strengthened by DDA’s failure to respond to this request.
  2. If s.11A Public Notice of September 2004 for change of Master Plan land use on the riverbed to commercial to regularize GNCTD-DMRC IT Park on riverbed:

    (a) has also been “cleared”, I seek details of misuse penalty levied on GNCTD/DMRC in view of GNCTD Department of Industries treating it as industrial use (in its HT advertisement under reference, related show-casing in form of model at ongoing International Trade Fair, so-called industrial policy, etc).

    (b) has not been disposed off, I seek details of action proposed against GNCTD for contempt of s.11A, demonstrated by juxtaposition of, on one hand, its show-casing since 14.11.04 at international event the IT Park (it considers) industrial development that is illegal till legitimised and, on the other, its action against industries (without either competence or powers to even identify precise violations or data, its IT claims notwithstanding, needed for this) continuing even after its Department of Industries had published in some peculiar form (in HT of 12.11.04, even before GoI published it in ToI on 19.11.04) s.11A Public Notice for GoI proposal redevelop industrial clusters.

  3. I seek the foregoing in time for me to respond to the Public Notice for industrial redevelopment, which I believe will have to be modified to remove riverbed exceptions if the IT Park is allowed, in view of besides GNCTD view of it as industrial use, views expressed by MCD about e-waste in today’s Express Newsline, Asian Age, etc.

Yours sincerely

Gita Dewan Verma, Planner

cc: Mr S Mukherjee, Under Secretary, MoUD (for information wrt to Public Notice published in ToI, 19.11.04, p.10) 




    Date: 16.4.04


    The following modification which the Central Govt. proposes to make in the Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan for Delhi are hereby published for public information. Any person having any objection(s)/suggestion(s) with respect to the proposed modifications may send objection(s)/suggestion(s) in writing to the Principal Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Delhi Development Authority, Vikas Sadan, ‘B’ Block, INA, New Delhi within a period of 30 days  from the date of issue of this notice. The persons making the objection(s)/suggestion(s) should also give the name and address.


    Page 155 (left hand side) of the Gazette of India (Extraordinary) dated 1.8.1990 after heading A-3 Rural Zone (including A-2) after b(ii), the following is proposed to be added:

    “(iv) Notwithstanding the land use provisions of Master Plan / Zonal Development Plan, Metro stations alongwith property development upto a maximum area of 3 ha. shall be permitted in all use zones, except Recreational Use Zone, on the basis of maximum 25% ground coverage and max.100 FAR, subject to Development Code Clause 3(3) of the Gazette”.


    [V M BANSAL]

    Pr Commr.-cum-Secretary