| ITPI = Institute of Town Planners India (my-baaps)
| as baby-planner I decided I will join their club
| when it outgrows its turn-by-turn prez coterie.
| I have greyed & prez coterie goes on (with hair dye
| and letting ministers & commissioners be *experts*)

Experts favour establishing Amritsar Development Authority
Amritsar | January 15, 2006 6:39:30 PM IST

Planners on the second day of the 54th National Town and Country Planners
Congress asked for the establishment of Amritsar Development Authority and
extension of urban based amenities as envisaged in Jawaharlal Nehru
National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) for rural areas.

Punjab Minister for Science and Technology and Industrial Training Rakesh
Pandey, said in addition to urban development, this scheme should also be
extended to the rural areas of the country.
Commissioner, Amritsar Municipal Corporation Kulbir Singh Kang, IAS, while
speaking on the occasion pleaded to establish Amritsar Development