Govt to turn vegetable mart into cultural hub

To host concerts, exhibitions after attempts to rope
in farmers from Haryana, Punjab fail.

I suppose pundits will call this
market-responsive-heritage-friendly-adaptive-reuse. In
our PIL it stands out as the most clearly admitted
illegality among those challenged. DDA has set out in
a counter-affidavit details of the many letters it
wrote to ask Del Govt to please not violate the ridge
(the duly delineated ridge, not the widely reported
ridge forest imaginings of environmentalist NGO and
Delhi Govt) and revealed also that the plot was
allotted directly by LG. Press had widely reported the
foundation stone and inauguration functions that CM
graced (in pendency of our PIL) and the
for-the-good-of-farmers speeches applauded by area

The same hit-or-miss stakeholders are crafting the new
regime for which they have passed / supported / weakly
opposed the Del Spl Act to suspend all laws for a
year. Maybe, at the end of that period of emergency /
anarchy, all of Delhi will be free-zoned mixed-use
cultural-hub developed and redeveloped with
stakeholder participatory planning and fund-raising in
mission-mode from dubious IPOs.