an experimental curriculum is online for review at...

please treat it as a thought-experiment (and not so much a "live" project).
it is interesting to read it alongside Prem Chandavarkar's text, "Regulating
Architectural Education in India", in the same section at Architexturez.

Thomas Mical's questions about pedagogy are quite on my mind, perhaps this
will help us attempt some? I know he wants us to speak for South Asia as an
aggregate, and it is _quite_ difficult so address issues in that format!




First Draft Proposal:
  The impulse for proposing this course arose from;

    a.. Deep dissatisfaction fell by educators and professionals about the
role and function of Architects and Architecture; respectively in the
contemporary globalize; world especially in third world countries;
    b.. Concern about the incapacity of the profession to influence in a
significant manner the shaping of the policy regarding built environment;
    c.. The need to re-engineer architectural education to cope with a
rapidly changing social, economic and political environment;
    d.. To provide learning environment for integrating new design
technologies including computers with the teaching of architectural design
    e.. And the felt need for providing trained teachers to staff the
mushrooming architectural educational; instructions in India;

  We believe a course in architectural education of the research type would
provide a SITE for reckoning with the issues listed above. In particular the
course with address the issues;

    a.. Pertaining to generation of a integrated knowledge -base from
fragments drawn form diverse academic disciplines;
    b.. Of relationship between formal knowledge and socially acquired
cultural specific knowledge which is held mostly inarticulate especial in
third world countries;
    c.. Explicating the relationship between profession, education, and
building practice, in order to define the relationship between cultural
specifically and architectural production, both historically and in present
    d.. To provide formal training to potential teachers in various skills
that an architect may need to use;
    e.. Pertaining to teaching methodologies specific to various courses of
study especially design studio; and the related problems of horizontal and
vertical integration between various subject areas.