New Delhi, March 28: The Metro has not just left Delhiites  singing
praises, even Harvard Design School is impressed.


Sushant School of Art & Architecture has already conducted its Urban
Design Studio (Jan- May,2003) on impacts of MRTS on Delhi's urban fabric
and which was, subsequently, carried forward in the Urban Housing Studio (
Aug - Dec, 2003).

Means what? Sushant beat Harvard to running a design studio? So?

This, once again, reveals that the hangovers we have for the foreign
universities and their works without really looking into what is
happening around us (remember the landscape proposals around the Taj
precinct, made by a groups of students from a US university ! ). One
takes this opportunity to invite DMRC, concerned Harvard faculty
including Mr. Ranjit Sabikhi to discuss relevant design explorations,
made by students of Harvard GSD and Sushant School of Art and

This also undelines the fact that it is high time for  DMRC  to observe
conceptual possibilties  of urban design proposals,including the Metro
Stations and their precincts, from a larger cross-section of the
professionals, including responsible institutions too.

Why ask DMRC to be more open than Sushant? Just ask Anuj Dayal to do a PRO
release for the Sushant studio work as well!

btw, there was a Public Notice mid December 2002 (beat Harvard and Sushant
both!). Public Notice is right to participate democratically in
development decision making, not awaiting DMRC favour. How many
responsible ones responded? Did either Sushant or Harvard refer to in
their studios? What happening reality did the briefs draw upon? (The
Sushant housing studio seems to have been inspired by conflicting remarks
of LG, AGK Menon and KT Ravindran, none of whom are housing experts by
qualification or experience, digging nuisance and 'Master Plan 2021' that
does not exist).

I carry no brief for the Harvard ilk (quite the contrary, in fact), but
bigotry in reverse is bigotry too. Just because something is foreign does
not make something else better, or even Indian! Or does it?


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