| what does this mean, another client
| awarded for the architect's work? shades
| of bunker roy affair? somebody please investigate!

Suzuki CEO’s dream house gets green award
The eco-friendly house has greater longevity, and ‘pays’ for itself in
the long-run

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 4: For one last time in February, Satya Sheel, the
managing director of Suzuki Motorcycles and Scooters India, stood up
against the army of landscape artists, electricians and mechanics who
were working on the plan for his dream house on the outskirts of Delhi.

‘‘They show you how insignificant you are...’’ he says, about a month
after Holcim, the French cement giant, awarded his home’s design for
being the most eco-friendly. Satya Sheel is the only non-architect in
the world to get the award

So, the ‘skilled’ experts were shunted out of the planning, and the
design was finally firmed up by three architects — Satish Gujral, Tanmay
and Anamika. ‘‘I knew exactly what I wanted from my house and there was
no room left to succumb to the ordinary,’’ he says.