| As RIBA stands even more politically corrected,
| what seems to be their future? Sustainability and
| more Sustainability?
| We cannot fathom as to how an Architect's political
| affiliation might matter to a Professional Institution,
| unless, of course, it is a prelude to some type of
| McCarthy tactic, cleansing of the un-humane, un-sustainable
| elements by default.
| But wait,  Colin Kerr already said it!

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Architexturez. wrote:

BNP link rocks institute of architects

Matt Weaver
Thursday June 15, 2006

A member of the British National Party is campaigning to become
president of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Architects to be asked to reveal party affiliation

Matthew Taylor and Tania Branigan
Monday June 4, 2007
The Guardian

Architects on the profession's ruling council are being asked to reveal
whether they are members of a political party following last year's
discovery that a presidential candidate was active in the far right
British National party.

The move has raised concerns among some of the country's leading
architects, who yesterday accused the Royal Institute of British
Architects of "McCarthyism".

Riba has ruled that council members and anyone standing for election
will be required to make a wide-ranging declaration of interests -
including whether they are members of any political party.