Hello Friends,
Its my pleasure to invite you to the exhibition "Spirited Caravans", a
collaborative project by City Spinning and MapBee, at Protospace, a new
Venue in Bangalore.

Bring your friends and do inform whoever you think would, like to see this.

Meeta Jain


Spirited Caravans: re-imagining Bangalore’s outdoors @ Protospace from 12-20
July 09

*Dates: From 2:30 to 7:30 p.m., 12th to 20th July, 2009.* The exhibition
opened on the 12th of July at 4:00 p.m.

A showcase of design proposals for a mobile cultural space sent by artists
and architects form around the world in response to an invitation extended
by CitySpinning in January 2009. The exhibition is a visualization of a
process that will lead to the making of a mobile cultural space called the
DOT for "CHILDREN AND CITY" and will later unroll into the making of many
such spaces.

The exhibit itself is portable and mobile, an experience design, which is
interactive and playful. A few pictures from the opening:

Spirited Caravans is curated by Prayas Abhinav at CitySpinning [
http://cityspinning.org] and designed by Meeta Jain , MapBee [
 Supported by Quintessence Creations Pvt. Ltd.

*Link: *

*Address: *Protospace Bangalore, No. 6 MR Garden, 2nd cross KEB Layout,
Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore 560094, Karnataka, India. Contact number: +91
9902591198 and +91 9844259076

[image: protomapnew1.png]